You need a solid foundation to build something that lasts

We put relationship first

The relationship we seek to establish with our clients is professional but, at the same time, human. Such a relationship values the energy and the passion that we put into our work and isn’t based solely upon purely economical aspects.

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Meet our amazing 111 team

We are passionate about creating products that people use and fall in love with.

Sergey ChuguevBackend Developer
Ekaterina BurlakProduct Designer
Egor BozkoiOS Developer
Tamara GeraskevichOffice Manager
Daria SenchikhinaSales Manager
Anton VukolovProject Manager
Andrey SokuriOS Developer
Andriy FediniOS Developer
Evgen VasilenkoSystem Administrator
Andrey BykovProduct Designer
Nataliya KarmanovaProject Manager
Marina RacuAndroid Developer
Vasyl LazebnykProject Manager
Dmitry SyzonenkoHead of Design
Elena ShevchenkoProduct Designer
Maxim LiutskoFrontend Developer
Valentina Nosenko Financial Manager
Julia ChernichenkoQA
Tanya KucherenkoCEO

Our approach

We hear our team members, customers, vendors, and partners. We understand their needs. We find solutions. We believe in continuous, never ending improvement — in ourselves as individuals, as a company, and as a services.

Our clients

We face and collaborate with different clients — from startups and small-medium businesses to big industry players. We have an individual approach to each one and set a unique process with different levels of involvement.

We strive to partner with those companies who do care about their projects, its future and help them to create fresh and useful products that fit business and bring positive impact on people’s lives.

Our manifesto

Development is not only following specs and documentation, there is a collaboration with people standing behind every project.
Our communication strategy intends to getting on the same page.

Human goals and needs

We work for clients’ customers. An ultimate user is the only one who defines project’s success.

Outcomes and simplicity

We know that “simple” is not easy. Deep understanding of people comes first.

Straight dealing and transparency

Honesty is always appreciated. Positive and endurable relationships derive from mutual confidence and pays off in a long run.

Experience and learning

We value failures. Good ideas are the result of trial and error.

People and communication

We put a quality of relationship first. We don’t build blindfold. Partnership gets the best results.

Education and sharing knowledge

We invest in brains. We thrive on sharing our expertise while developing ourselves.