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Scholastic Book Wizard Mobile (School Edition) is an app that gives ability to search children books, create and share lists of chosen books.

The Challenge

Firstly we created iOS version of the app. After some time client come back to us with a request create new iOS design and adapt it for Android. There was an iOS app and we got to refresh design to make it modern.
Creating design we got to keep in mind previous color scheme of the app and use Scholastic and Book Wizard logos. Both iOS and Android designs got to be similar to appear identical on both operation systems. We created similar apps but respected iOS and Android guidelines.


Design concept

There is much of text info on application’s screens. We had to pick fonts and sizes of letters that would be easy to read even if there would be lots of content.
iOS design elements were created first. When client has approved new design we adopted it for Android.
With this approach we developed iOS version as soon as possible.


Main goal in design was to create new UI keeping previous color scheme - colors from Scholastic and Book Wizard logos.



We created icon of the app keeping in mind Book Wizard’s logo. This way we followed brand identity.


50,000+ database

Application appeals to database with 50 000+ children books in it.

Barcode scanner

This feature makes getting info about book super easy. Users can scan books’ barcodes with smartphone’s camera. All scanned barcodes are transferred to code ISBN 13.

App will search among 50 000+ books in its database using this code.


To be more user friendly app has an ability to create, save, modify and share lists. App has two kinds of lists: book list and classNameroom booklist. First one is for personal using, second one is created for using it with

Each booklist can be fulfilled with a description. This feature gives opportunity for users to collect books. Just like having own digital bookshelf.


Books have Interest and Reading levels. It makes process \ of choosing book more easy and interesting.
Reading level depends on:

  • Grade Level Equivalent
  • Guided Reading Level
  • Lexile Measure
  • DRA


Sharing each book and book list through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Email will let users’ friends know about the product and attract new users.


To provide best user experience app synchronizes with website. Each book added to book list using website would be also reflected in mobile app.


The biggest part of app’s users are teachers. This is why it was super important to release and test both iOS and Android apps before school year starts. We released product in the middle of the summer. Early release provided time for app’s marketing campaign. iOS users were notified and new Android audience was attracted.
Scholastic Book Wizard is the most popular app created by 111 Minutes, and one of the most popular Scholastic products.
We maintain app from the time it was released. This is why Scholastic Book Wizard users interact with app in a seamless way even if new version of OS is released.

David Goddy

David Goddy

Vice President, eScholastic

We’re very pleased by our work with 111 Minutes.
We selected the 111 Minutes Team to help us create a mobile extension of Book Wizard, the most popular tool on Our web version has a rich, deep, comprehensive database. Teachers asked us for a mobile version with a bar code scanner, to save them even more time.
111 Minutes helped us streamline our requirements and created a simple, easy to use mobile app, that sync's with the teachers' web site profiles.
They have been a pleasure to work with, and consistently deliver on time and on budget.
They have been very responsive for app updates and we feel they are committed to our success.

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