Find warehouse goods using NFC tags

CheckPoint is an app created to find items in warehouse. Also application helps in inventory of all items or special items, chosen with filter. Users can search items with UPC - Universal Product Code.

The Challenge

App required redesign. CheckPoint is more than an app - it is a tool and workers will use it every day. We kept it in mind on all stages of design development to make it utilitarian and functional.


Users were expected to interact with app for the whole working day. We started research to find out what fonts and colors wouldn’t overload users’ eyes and make their work more comfortable.

This is why we designed letters, numerals and charts in a way that doesn’t bother users interacting with app for hours.


Designing this project we started from creating sketches. We discussed them, paying attention simplicity and usefulness. When drew sketches and they got approved by the client we started to develop wireframes.


Wireframes helped our team to incarnate all ideas and provide visual concept of the app. When we made sure that this way of designing app will lead app to high usability we started to work on screens' designs.


Users audience of this app are shops and warehouse staff. Specially for them we made design super clear and intuitive. We did as much as we can to avoid ambiguity. It decreases chance to make mistakes and get lost in app.

We supplemented design with specifications including sizes, colors and arrangements of all UI elements. The finishing stage of the project was providing design assets.

Also we created schemes for transitions between all app screens.
Providing specifications, assets and transition schemes for every screen guaranteed understanding of the app by developers.

Cycle Count

Adding items to warehouse database is easy with cycle count functionality.

To reflect work progress in a modern and fun way using only number we implemented animated progress bar circle charts.

Statistic Cycle Count

Statistic screen is another thing that makes work with CheckPoint easier. Worker can check information about goods there and sort it by size or color.

Sometimes warehouses can be full of new goods. This feature is good for finding out what items were scanned, which ones were missed or aren’t represented.

Filter Cycle Count

To make cycle count more productive there filter was created.

Using it worker can choose special type of an item to add goods with same attributes to the database.

Locate Item

Warehouses are usually full of different stuff. This is why to increase speed of searching required goods this feature was implemented.
With it user can choose an item or it characteristics to the app and it will search its NFC tagged item.

App shows signal level in percentage - the higher it is the closer item is.


There was quite rough deadline for this project. We did our best to provide design starting from sketches to final design. As a result - we succeeded in deadline and provided everything in time.
We created design considering work specifics of shops and warehouses. App is maximum comfortable and intuitive for workers.
Everything has its own place. CheckPoint app helps to find it.

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