Accessories shop and blog by Ilona Selina

RLNY is a portal about fashion and jet set lifestyle. It combines accessories shop and blog written by Ilona and her team members.

The Challenge

Client had a blog that used Squarespace system. We analyzed it and proposed to redesign previous blog and transfer it to modern and super fast Meteor framework. In addition to it, we added two more sections: Shop and En Route.
Previous website wasn’t mobile responsive so every who visited Ilona Selina’s blog through smartphones and tablets suffered from bad interface. So we had one more goal- new site got to look brilliant on laptops and mobile devices.


The goal in design was to create new one but it got to be recognizable by readers and associated with Ilona Selina. One more important thing is that portal is quite informative. We got to keep all content reflected in desktop version to mobile and laptop versions.

It is a fashion portal so its appearance got to be appropriate - glamorous, stylish and fashionable. We combined classNameic methods of building web pages with modern transitions and animations.

Developing Route London New York we faced a fact that it got to work with some APIs: Twitter for tweets, Instagram for photos, Shopify for selling goods.
We developed design in three touches.

Low fidelity wireframes

In the beginning, website with full functionality was reflected using low fidelity wireframes. We did it to find locations for all features, create architecture of the site.

High fidelity wireframes

Then our team created high fidelity wireframes. On this stage we were working on UI elements so wireframes started to look like final design, but some thing weren’t completed or changed after getting feedback.

Final design

Last stage of designing Route London New York was makeup. All elements got their final appearance.


Our team has created logo for Ilona Selina. We created two variants of logo because first is used for portal and second for own Ilona Selina fashion brand.



One of the home page goals is to gather different types of content in a single page and update it dynamically from different sources. So when new post in one of attached social networks is created- it automatically appears at the home screen.

To reflect content in unique way used Masonry grid. It creates stylish and modern look of the site.


For easy navigation and search all posts have categories. Every post has its author and there is an ability to choose an author and see all his or her posts.

Users can find special block in posts called “fashion story”. It has links to goods from Shop The Edit section.


Users can leave their comments under blog posts to share their thoughts and emotions.


To keep active users and get new ones there is an ability to subscribe and get once a week info about new Ilona Selina’s posts.


Route London New York has its own gallery called Street Style. Users can find there photos of extravagant, beautiful and fashion dressed people. All photos were made by Ilona Selina in streets of different world fashion capital cities - London, New York, Milan, Vien.


To differ types of goods in the site and make users interaction with them comfortable two shop sections were created.
The Edit Section presents clothes that Ilona Selina was wearing during photosets.

Users can see photos and purchase items they liked from it.
In Ilona Selina shop section exclusive goods created by Ilona Selina brand can be bought.

Interactive Map

Its name is En Route. Interactive map provides unique user experience. Places where Ilona Selina has wrote her posts, made her tweets or photos are marked. This feature makes possible for everyone to follow Ilona’s route, see where posts were made. Map can be scaled to the dimension of one building.


There is no need to leave Route London New York to find out fashion news. Users can find them right one the site.


This page shows every author of blog posts, photographers, designers and other people who make Route London New York a place users want to come back to.


Our team has developed a portal that has no analogue in world. Fashion portal with shop and informational sections: blog, news and En Route.
Now users can be familiar with latest news of world of fashion, its trends, get stylish accessories and clothes in one place. This place is Route London New York.

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