Mobile app to help Sochi Winter Olympics athletes

In Red Bull promo app users could find videos and information about upcoming sports and entertainment events, be notificated about challenge winners, use in app phrasebook and translator.

The Challenge

One of the main goals in this project was to release it on time. We had quite a rough deadline and we haven’t chance to miss it - app was developed specially for Winter Olympics in Sochi. No one would change opening day of Olympiс Games because the app wouldn’t be ready yet.

Visual key of the product and its colours were created keeping in mind the logo  improved by our designers.

To succeed in time goal and release app to the start of Winter Olympic Games in Sochi we involved maximum resources in this project.
We developed both iOS and Android versions of the app and its server side.



To let users know about challenge winners and upcoming events app has push notifications.

This feature has made RebBull Sputnik app indispensable tool for all athletes on Olympic Games at Sochi.


Another reason to use app often was chatting. App has two chats.

First one connected athletes, second one was created to let users contact Olympic Games support.


Map has categories that help users to find locations they want to observe. Map contained following categories of place: athletic fields, sport events, Red Bull events, places to go (like grocery shops, pharmacies, etc).

Maps functionallity feature played important role in user’s going out plans forming.


Application was also involved in user's scheduling process. Athletes could see upcoming events, start time, date and place. There was a calendar with events + ability to read info about them and see them on map.


Users didn’t need to close application if they wanted to check news. They were represented by olympic challenge winners, events sport and entertainment events that will start soon.

Users can watch videos from official Red Bull Youtube channel seamlessly from the app.

Interesting facts

Here users could find out interesting facts about Russia. Famous authors, poets, artists, composers, musicians and celebrities were covered here.

Phrase book

In addition to usual phrases like privet (hello) and spasibo (thanks) creative ones were also located in phrasebook. Famous phrases from russian movies and popular songs were represented there also. They made communication between athletes and hosts of the Olympic Games easy and fun.

Next app’s feature that made it must have for all visitors of Olympic Games in Sochi is phrase book and translator. Users could enter text that would be translated into russian.


We succeeded and released app to the start of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. App was created in a short period of time but it didn’t influence the quality. We didn’t do any bug fixes so athletes started to use the app from the beginning of Olympic Games and weren’t annoyed by bugs or crashes.
App was a must have for all athletes. It helped to communicate with other users; keep up with all sports, entertainment and Red Bull promo events; find out more about host country and its people.
Red Bull Sputnik app made visiting Olympic Games in Sochi full of comfort and useful information so athletes could concentrate on the most important thing - their performance on athletic fields!

David Goddy

Valentin Hrytsenko

Digital marketing specialist

Collaboration with 111 Minutes presented us new opportunities
We strongly recommend 111 Minutes for mobile development projects. High expertise, friendly client-service and full dedication — these guys are great professionals. Our project Red Bull Sputnik had very saturated functionality and short deadlines — but we definitely succeeded in it and got positive feedback from Red Bull HQ. Thank you, guys.

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